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Mentor My Mix Episode 004 – Steffen Franz

Getting his start at 17 at the landmark New York club CBGB’s as a lighting tech, then touring with Jane’s Addiction as a lighting tech and then Mix Master Mike as his Tour Manager for almost 10 years. Moving to Maui in the early ’90s. DJ’ing & producing and moving to SF in 1993 as a DJ and producer, Stand Out Selector. Conscious music and Dancehall Reggae as a driving force. Management techniques from Burger King to effect results in tour management. Producing Marty Dread’s first single “Wicked Wahine” and going to #1 on Hawaiian commercial radio. Making first 4-5 albums on the Roland DJ70. Working with Nicodemus, a Dancehall Reggae legend who pioneered dancehall music and is credited with positively influencing many aspiring DJs and MCs. Building his own indie label, Positive Sound Massive Recordings. 

Giving Rocker T from the Skadanks a fresh start producing Tru Ganjaman, If Ya Luv Luv, Show Ya Luv, and touring the world. Helping to produce The Way Life Should Be and the EP Luv Is The Foundation with Greg Gordon, Rocker T and Joan Baez. Working with Bill Ortiz, the ex-Trumpet player from the Santana Band. Recording both Rocker T & Bill’s projects at Pyramind Studios. The importance of personal relationships and they’re dynamic. Growing those relationships to build his current company, Independent Distribution Collective that now serves over 800 labels and artists. Controlling the distribution and giving props to Greg to help build a scalable model focused on developing a business plan for “IDCPromo”: PR, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Physical Retail Marketing, and Project Management all wrapped into one service. Partnering with artists to get them from “under the radar” to “over the radar”. Being your own publicist and being your own biggest champion. Understanding the role of producer and how to navigate the new music business. The true reality is a step by step process on the major services and supporting it with a proper marketing campaign. 

One part old school “who you Know”, and the other part of not trying to fit in anyone’s mold. Building your own team to push forward. Forty-Four revenue streams for every composition. Plenty of money in the music biz but you have to find your lane in this “game of attrition”. The inspiration behind building “The Indie Artists Business Toolkit”. Coming up with a working strategy to establish yourself. Do what you do well: “Find your bliss and follow it”. Using your time wisely to make as much content as possible. Find positivity and make that a part of your day to day life. We are in a time of change: Needing artists to step up and be leaders. Be the voice of change.

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