Enrollment Information

Approval to operate means the institution is compliant with the minimum standards contained in the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (as amended) and Division 7.5 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations. 

Enrollment Process and Requirements
Prior to entry into the program, every student must produce proof that satisfies the following entry requirements: 
• 18 or older with a High School or GED equivalent (or turning 18 within the year after HS). 
• A valid email address 
• A valid mailing address 
• A valid phone number.  
• Have full and working knowledge of English equivalent to a 12th-grade level. Students may be denied entry to the program if the Admissions staff determine that upon hearing and understanding spoken English at a conversational pace, the student will have difficulty grasping concepts and taking appropriate action. No TOEFL or ESL services are provided. TOEFL or ESL results may be used to demonstrate English language proficiency.  Pyramind also accepts proof of citizenship e.g. Passport ID page from a country where English is an official language.  We’ll also accept an official diploma from an academic institution where English is the language of instruction. Note that Pyramind does not accept ATB (Ability to Benefit) testing as a substitute for an HS Diploma or GED.
Once you’ve selected your desired program and start date, your admissions representative will guide you through the process of enrollment.  In order to enroll in any of Pyramind’s programs a student must provide the following:
  • Preferred Payment Plans: Based on the custom program price sheet, a student will let us know which payment option they prefer.  This information will be notated on the legally binding enrollment agreement.

  • A Signed Enrollment Agreement: Once we’ve settled on a payment option (listed on the program price sheet), we’ll deliver an Enrollment Agreement through DocuSign which you’ll need to sign digitally.

  • Profile Pic: We use various platforms including a Learning Management System and Student Information System.  In order to keep track of who you are and what classes you are enrolled in, we need a clean headshot or profile picture to use. 

  • Proof of High School Graduation or Equivalent: We’ll need documentation proving you’ve graduated high school. This can be a college/high school diploma/transcript, GED, or equivalent. It does not need to be the official copy and can be a PDF sent by email.

  • Please note, you will not be able to begin your education in any of Pyramind’s programs until you provide proof of at least high school graduation.

  • Student Performance Fact Sheet: We’ll deliver one student performance fact sheet per program a student is enrolling in via Docusign.  The student must read, initial, and sign each SPFS document prior to enrolling

  • Payment: Once we’ve received your proof of graduation, signed student performance fact sheet, and signed enrollment agreement we will follow up to initiate the payment.  Once you’ve made your initial payment or payment in full (whichever option you choose) then your spot will be reserved and you’ll be all set to go!


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Pyramind is a Private Post-Secondary School registered with the BPPE (Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education – http:// www.bppe. ca.gov) in the State of California. Our School Code is 3806081. All required BPPE documentation including annual reports can be found at https://www.bppe.ca.gov/webapplications/annualReports/2020/details/3806081

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