Live Performance

Learn To Perform With Ableton Live!

This Live Performance course focuses on harnessing the power of Ableton Live to create sophisticated DJ sets and Live Performances. If you want to take your Live Show to the next level – this is it! We focus on workflow strategies to ensure successful performances in various applications. Whether you want to perform with backing tracks, create all your sounds on the fly or simply DJ with the most power and flexibility possible – this class is for you!

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Topics of the Class Include:

  • Live Performance Workflow
  • Warping – The Right Way
  • Critical Organization Tools
  • Performing With Backing Tracks
  • Audio Interfaces
  • MIDI Mapping
  • MIDI Remote Scripts
  • Working with Loops & 1-shots
  • Complex Launching Techniques
  • Creating Custom Racks
  • Live Instrument Performance
  • Live Vocal Processing
  • Performing Original Music
  • Syncing Traktor and Ableton
  • Manipulating BPM
  • Controllers include APC40, Push, Launchpad, Maschine, Kontrol F1, and more!
  • Many Advanced Ableton Tricks and Techniques
Live Performance

Course Overview

There will be work due on specific days of the course.  The majority of projects will be done through in-class participation.  In-class assignments must be completed to pass this class.  Students are expected to participate in all class activities. 

  • Live electronic performance using Ableton.
  • Assess participants’ experience with live music and understand their performance goals.
  • Examine various live performance examples and explanations of setups and techniques.
  • Focus on reviewing and exploring Ableton’s session view controls.
  • Dive deeper into the functionalities of the clip matrix and mixer.
  • Explore detailed options for clip behavior with audio and MIDI clips.
  • Learn about utilizing scenes for enhanced performance.
  • Discussion on warping lengthy audio files, particularly entire songs.
  • Creation of performance stems from pre-produced songs as a focal point.
  • Integration of external songs into Ableton performances and segmentation of self-produced songs for seamless transitions.
  • Enhance performance transitions and overall live presentation.
  • Introduction to hardware MIDI controllers
  • Learn about MIDI remote script setup
  • Explore the usage of specific controllers: Push 2 and APC40 mkii
  • Understand how to craft personalized MIDI mappings within a Live session
  • Highlighting the potency of grouping devices into Rack devices in Live
  • Various Rack types: Instrument racks, Drum Racks, MIDI effect Racks, and Audio effect Racks
  • Key enhancements for live performances: Macro controls and macro snapshots (in Live 11), and chain lists/selectors
  • Mastery in constructing Racks employing these features for optimal performance impact
  • Focus on incorporating live audio into Ableton
  • Explore strategies for managing microphones in live contexts versus studio environments
  • Learn to prepare effectively for scenarios where computer-generated sound isn’t the sole objective
  • Integrate hardware synthesizers, drum machines, and effects units with Ableton performances using MIDI
  • Emphasis on leveraging hardware in conjunction with Ableton projects
  • Strategies to optimize the utilization of hardware equipment for enhanced performance outcomes

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Meet Pyramind instructor, Quinn Grodzins (AKA WYRam)

Quinn is a music producer, engineer, and veteran of the events industry that has been with Pyramind since 2019.  Quinn teaches the sound design and live performance courses at Pyramind, is the assistant facilities manager and the editor of Greg Gordon’s podcast Mentor My Mix.  He releases music and performs under the stage name WYRaM, and is a member of the DJ collective and record label EMP Radio.


Pyramind Instructor Quinn Grodzins AKA WYRaM

"Ableton is special to me because it's one of the only sequencers i can use both in the studio and live on the stage, which is a major plus when it comes to cross compatibility between my Mac and PC setups. I never felt more comfortable experimenting live on stage with such an application, even triggering my visual system from Live!"

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