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For over twenty years , Pyramind has been at the forefront of electronic music education. In that time, we have seen Ableton take over the world of music production like no other product before. We are proud to share one of, if not the most comprehensive courses on Ableton Live in the world today.

As an Ableton Live Certified training center, our expert trainers provide the necessary background for students with little to no computer-based production experience to move into music production with confidence and ease.

Dive into our free course samples on our YouTube channel and get a taste of the transformative learning experience we offer. When you become a member of the channel you can unlock full access to our comprehensive course library of class videos. Of course all the videos are included when you enroll in our classes or programs!

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This robust course aims to ensure that you start and finish entirely composed tracks within Ableton Live.

Collaborative learning is encouraged to help optimize the entire learning experience. This authentic, interactive learning opportunity gives the Pyramind experience a significant edge over online courses or tutorials.

Each in-class experience is accompanied by an extensive curriculum expertly developed in Pyramind’s learning management system.

In addition to gaining familiarity with Ableton Live’s primary applications, lessons are arranged to emphasize the adoption of a solid workflow.

Each student taking the class in person is given access to our pro studios to experience firsthand what it’s like to have all the equipment needed at your finger tips and to produce and record in expertly tuned acoustic environments.

Ableton Live runs the same on Mac and PC, so it’s not an issue if you run the PC version at home or in your studio. We’re also here to help optimize your computer setup or walk you through any troubleshooting needed to get your system running smoothly.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you should happen to miss any sessions (through illness or holiday), we are committed to doing our best to get you caught up to fill in the gaps! Finally, please note that Pyramind students are eligible for educational discounts, as much as 40% off the price of Ableton Live software.

Music Production with Ableton Live

Course Overview

Producing with Ableton Live is an 8-week class designed to empower aspiring music producers, musicians, and electronic artists with the knowledge and skills to create, arrange, and produce music using Ableton Live software. Students will explore various techniques, concepts, and workflows essential for crafting professional-quality music throughout this immersive course.

  • Overview of Ableton Live interface and features
  • Setting up audio and MIDI devices
  • Navigating the Session and Arrangement views
  • Understanding clips and scenes
  • Creating and editing MIDI clips
  • Utilizing virtual instruments and software synthesizers
  • Exploring MIDI effects and controllers
  • Recording and editing audio in Ableton Live
  • Applying audio effects and processing
  • Introduction to warping and time-stretching
  • Crafting compelling drum patterns and grooves
  • Working with drum racks and slicing samples
  • Creating unique percussion arrangements
  • Composing chord progressions and melodies
  • Understanding scales and harmonic theory
  • Using MIDI instruments for harmonization
  • Synthesizing sounds with Ableton’s built-in instruments
  • Designing custom patches and presets
  • Creating unique textures and atmospheres
  • Sampling audio from various sources
  • Chopping and manipulating samples
  • Building dynamic and expressive sample-based instruments
  • Techniques for organizing and structuring music
  • Building tension and release in the arrangement
  • Exploring different musical genres and styles
  • Balancing levels and panning
  • Applying EQ, compression, and other mixed effects
  • Utilizing automation for a dynamic mix
  • Sidechain compression and parallel processing
  • Using audio and MIDI effects creatively
  • Incorporating Max for Live devices
  • Creating custom templates and presets
  • Time-saving techniques and shortcuts
  • Collaborative workflows in Ableton Live
  • Students work on their original tracks
  • Feedback and constructive critique sessions
  • Preparing the track for a live performance or release

Throughout the course, you will access our Pro Studios with hands-on assignments, practical projects, and feedback from experienced instructors. By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have developed a solid foundation in producing music with Ableton Live and gained the confidence to create your own sonic signature.

Program Topics Include:

  • Overview of Live’s capabilities including, production, sound design, and Live performance
  • The Ableton user interface
  • Getting started & working with clips
  • Saving your set & managing your media
  • Transfer of projects between computers
  • Working with audio
  • Basics of warping
  • Working with MIDI
  • Arrangement view
  • Ableton effect devices
  • Automation
  • Ableton Live’s Devices
  • Detailed Preferences
  • The Clip Box
  • Follow Actions
  • Using envelopes and automation
  • Plug-ins and virtual instruments
  • Practical media management techniques
  • Advanced feedback/versioning
  • Advanced Ableton techniques
  • Speed Producing in Live
  • Producing with Push
  • Mixing and Mastering

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People love to say “you’re crazy to spend your time making music” because they gave up on their passions long ago. But if you’re brave enough to take the leap, find the right guidance, and invest the time required, anyone can become prolific.

At Pyramind we focus on building community while learning. This allows the information to sink in on an emotional level while developing lifelong relationships.

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