Learn How to DJ

Learn How to DJ from an Experienced Pro

Learn the art of DJing, including beat matching, EQ’ing, gain matching, track selection, harmonic mixing, effects, set prep, and more. Learn how to DJ using Pioneer’s CDJ 2000 Nexus, DJM 900 Nexus, and Rekordbox. With small class sizes, students get ample time with the instructor and the opportunity to practice on Pyramind’s multiple sets of DJ decks.

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Once you understand the hardware, we switch gears and dive into the world of Digital Vinyl Systems.  

You learn to prepare and perform a DJ set from top to bottom and remix on the fly using controllers and Rane’s DJ software, Serato.

Get one-on-one time with the instructor and opportunities to practice on Pyramind’s DJ equipment.

The class culminates with each student performing a live 15-minute mix that is video recorded for a live stream demo you can use for your socials, website and promo.

DJ/Live Performance

Course Overview

This curriculum covers a range of topics related to DJing, equipment, mixing techniques, software, and even touches on live streaming and production. It’s designed to gradually build up students’ skills from the basics to more advanced concepts. Each week has a specific focus. Here’s a breakdown of what each week entails:

  • Introduction to the art and culture of DJing.
  • Overview of essential DJ equipment, including turntables, CDJs, mixers, controllers, etc.
  • In-depth exploration of CDJs (digital DJ decks) and their functionalities.
  • Introduction to Rekordbox software for track management and preparation.
  • Understanding song structure and how to create smooth transitions between tracks.
  • Introduction to harmonic mixing techniques for seamless blends.
  • Techniques for mixing different genres together creatively.
  • Assessment of students’ progress through a project performance.
  • Introduction to more advanced DJ techniques, such as scratching, looping, and effects.
  • Covering practical aspects of DJing, such as building a music library, organizing tracks, and preparing sets.
  • Exploring the concept of tag team DJing where multiple DJs collaborate.
  • Introduction to music production and its relationship to DJing.
  • Delving deeper into advanced mixing techniques, including EQing, beat juggling, and more.
  • Learning about CDJ configurations and settings for enhanced performance.
  • Introduction to Serato DJ software for digital DJing.
  • Learning how to use Serato with various hardware setups.
  • Exploring the creative and philosophical aspects of DJing.
  • Preparing for the final project by refining skills and concepts learned.
  • Understanding the basics of live streaming setups and software.
  • Learning how to perform DJ sets via live streaming platforms.
  • Addressing student questions and concerns.
  • Final preparations for the culminating final project.
  • Students showcase their DJing skills, applying everything they’ve learned.
  • Culmination of the course with a final project that demonstrates proficiency in various aspects of DJing.

At the end of the class, students will perform and capture a 15 minute mix on the CD-J’s or Serato. Students should be able to demonstrate proper beat matching, transitioning skills, and mix in key.

Meet Instructor Alex Mendez AKA Audio 1


AUDIO1 is widely recognized for his diverse and multi-genre mixing style, which he has perfected over the course of three decades. With a talent for seamlessly blending hip-hop, top 40, pop, house, electronic, latin, and world music, He has performed at some of the most prominent venues throughout the country. The unique trademark sound of his sets is attributed to his exceptional remixes and DJ edits, which have garnered support from high profile DJs such as Diplo, Dillon Francis, and Vice, as well as club and radio DJs worldwide.

AUDIO1 is a passionate music educator who loves to share his vast knowledge and experience in the field of DJing with aspiring DJs. For the past three years, he has achieved success as a partnered streamer on Twitch and he hits the radio airwaves across the USA Friday nights on the nationally syndicated show, Ghetto House Radio. 

Live on twitch.tv/djaudio1
Mondays at 7pm Pacific – Boom Bap / Hip-Hop
Wednesdays at 3pm Pacific – Latin Hits
Thursdays at 3pm Pacific – EDM/House Hits

Program Topics Include:

  • DJ Fundamentals & Equipment Overview 
  • CDJ 2000, Pioneer DJ Mixers, and RekordBox in-depth look 
  • Song Structure, Harmonic Mixing & Genre Mixing 
  • Serato Software in-depth look 
  • Serato Stem Remixing
  • EQ, Effects & Gain Matching w/ software
  • Track Selection, Crowd Read, Stage Presence, and Promotion
  • Demo Recording
  • Live Streaming & Video Showcase production
  • Getting Gigs

Ready to Enroll?

  • Hands on Training
  • Day & Evening schedules
  • 1 three hour class session per week for 12 weeks
  • book Free practice time on the decks each week
  • Video of your set