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For over 20 years we have specialized in offering the highest quality education in the fields of music production, sound engineering, sound design, audio post production, live performance, and DJing.  We have carefully crafted our programs to fit the needs of someone who is just starting their journey into sound to those who are looking to build a career in the music and game audio industries.  Our programs have been proven to be effective as our students have gone on to open their own studios, tour the world, start their own label, and work for companies such as Sony, Blizzard, Facebook, Google, Universal Audio, Doublefine, and more!

Throughout each program you’ll learn from our diverse range of Pyramind instructors.  From the top down we believe in having the right people in our classrooms to guide our students to success.

Our staff has worked with a variety of artists including the Beastie Boys, Ferry Corsten, DJ Tiesto, Nicodemus, Mix Master Mike, Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation), Armin Van Buuren, The Bronx, Rocker T & Joan Baez, Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia, and many more. 

They have also composed music for companies like Disney, Sony, Microsoft, Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Insomniac.  You will find their music and influence in games such as Halo, World of Warcraft, Fable, God of War, Bioshock, and Sunset Overdrive.

On this page, you can choose from any of our full-time options that are held primarily during the daytime.  These professional programs range from an six month option all the way to comprehensive year long offerings. 

If you are currently working full time during the day and are unable to join us in one of our daytime programs we offer robust night programs as well. These are terrific ways to begin your journey into the Pyramind world and will lead you to finishing great music and playing real gigs.

Do you know what your goals are but aren’t sure where to start?  No worries, contact our staff at admissions@pyramind.com or schedule a video chat with them HERE and they’ll help you find the right option!

*Are you ready to jump into this life-changing experience?  Given the world we are currently living in we are sure you have some questions about how our classes are currently operating.  For more information about this please click HERE.  Alternatively, contact us HERE to speak with our staff about how our current modality will help you succeed.

Full Time

2,165 Hours, 12 Months, 7 Certifications Earned, Career Opportunities

1671 Hours, 9 Months, 7 Certifications Earned, Career Opportunities

1206 Hours, 6 Months, 1 Certification Earned, Career Opportunities

Part Time

(night options available)


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