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Our Programs

Pyramind offers full or part-time music and audio production programs during the day, and part-time programs at night.

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Below is the menu of education programming we offer. If you’re not sure exactly what your goals are, we are here to help.

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Full Time

An intensive, 1-year music production and sound for picture & games program that combines the best of everything Pyramind offers.
Develop the skills and build the network you need to excel in this competitive industry.

12 Months, 2,165 Hours, 5 Certifications Earned, Weekly Office Hours, Business Development and Career Counseling

A 9-month music composition, sound design, and game audio-focused course. Grow your network and learn the tools and workflows needed to enter the exciting world of game audio.

9 Months, 1671 Hours, 5 Certifications Earned, Career Counseling

A 6-month music production course. Learn the tools and secrets to becoming a world-class artist producer and make connections that will last a lifetime. 

6 Months, 1206 Hours, 1 Certification Earned, Artist Development

Part Time

(weekend & night options available)