Learn Film Sound Production

Learn Film Sound Production

Course Overview: Film Sound Production

The three-month Film Sound Production course at Pyramind offers a comprehensive journey into the world of crafting and sculpting a sonic landscape for linear media. This course provides students with the core skills, workflow, and concepts involved in creating and implementing film audio using Pro Tools systems. Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time for experimentation with sample material, and understanding the Film Audio Workflow and common techniques for assessing, acquiring, recording, editing, mastering, and implementing sound for linear media.

Students will create an entirely original sound design for a short section of video. Post-production recording, editing, processing, and mixing techniques will be demonstrated, enabling students to create an outstanding portfolio piece. Finally, we circle back to using Pro Tools to cover techniques for working in a professional post-production environment.

The Twelve Week Course

  • Evolution of sound and music in film
  • Iconic moments in film soundtracks
  • The role of sound in storytelling
  • Overview of audio post-production
  • Roles and responsibilities in film audio
  • Introduction to Pro Tools and its role in post-production
  • The importance of clear dialogue
  • Techniques for editing and enhancing dialogue
  • Voiceover and ADR recording and synchronization
  • Understanding Foley and its role in sound design
  • Setting up and recording Foley
  • Foley editing and synchronization techniques
  • The significance of sound effects in film
  • Techniques for recording and creating sound effects
  • Sound effects editing and processing
  • Creating immersive ambient soundscapes
  • Techniques for recording and editing ambient sounds
  • Enhancing the atmosphere of a scene
  • The role of music in film
  • Music editing techniques
  • Enhancing emotional impact through music
  • Setting up templates for scoring
  • Introduction to music composition for film
  • Incorporating music into the sound design
  • Techniques for scoring music to picture
  • Synchronization and timing
  • Composing music for various film genres
  • Principles of mixing for film
  • Automation techniques for dynamic soundscapes
  • Achieving a balanced and engaging soundtrack
  • Preparing audio for final deliverables
  • Export formats and specifications
  • Quality control and final checks
  • Presentation of student projects
  • Critiques and feedback
  • Preparing students for the professional post-production environment

Topics In This Course Include:

  • Working with Dialog
  • Incorporating Foley
  • Adding Sound Effects
  • Creating a Music Score
  • Incorporating Realistic Vehicle Sounds
  • Creating Dynamic Cinematics
  • The History of Sound Design – What is a Sound Effect?
  • Discussion of the Tools and Gear Required
  • Session Setup and Spotting for Sound Effects
  • Sound Effects Gathering – Field Recording, Studio Recording, Sound Libraries & Synthesis
  • How to Create Specific Sound Effects
  • Working with Backgrounds/Ambiences
  • Recording and Editing Foley
  • Processing Sound Effects
  • Export of DM&E Stems (Dialog, Music & Effects) and Final Mix to Picture
  • Recording and editing ADR
  • Organizing a post-session
  • Mixing to picture
  • Playback and export options

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What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
The relationships I gained through this school were incredible and vital. I got my internship opportunity with DoubleFine through Pyramind and was mentored by the award-winning Game Audio Director, Emily Ridgway. I also got to work beside one of the best sound designers, Brian Min, all under the roof of video game icon, Tim Schafer.. Now I’m the Audio Director!

Camden Stoddard

  • Audio Director at Doublefine Studios
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
“Some of the most important things I learned at Pyramind that I use the most are game audio implementation and game audio technology… I had started learning programing on my own to supplement the classes and that on top of the classes that taught me how to get started in Unity, how to put audio into a level and mix in game was really useful. Just after graduating, Pyramind got me an interview with Nick Gallant, Audio Director at Disney Interactive and that was my first job out of school”

Brennan Anderson

  • Senior Sound Designer Riot Games
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
I came to Pyramind because I’ve been a musician my whole life and I was always very intrigued by interactive music for games and I wanted to learn from the very best so I came here.

Joshua Gouzy

  • Audio Designer
  • Turn 10 Studios a Microsoft AAA Developer
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
Pyramind provided me a supportive environment to learn and participate with others that share my interest in game audio. Their excellent instructors helped inspire and focus my passion. Their frequent events related to music and games helped me to learn from and network with many important people in the game audio community.

Shawn Minoux

  • Principal Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertaiment
  • Pyramind Alumni

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  • 1 three hour session per week for 12 weeks
  • book Personal studio time each week
  • access to our extensive SFX Libraries, mics, recording rooms & Studios