GANG Audio Network Guild and Pyramind Scholarship 2021

Pyramind & Game Audio Network Guild Scholarship 2021

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Pyramind is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) to offer a full-tuition scholarship to one deserving future game audio producer (valued at $23,995.00 USD). Starting on June 28th, 2021 one deserving game sound producer will receive full financial aid for tuition to Pyramind’s Sound for Picture & Games program.

Over the years, we’ve trained thousands of producers, sound designers, and game audio professionals. Now, we want to give that same life-changing opportunity to someone who really deserves it and couldn’t do it without the scholarship.

We’re looking for someone who aspires to a professional career in music, audio, and sound design. A producer who has the potential, but not the means, to train with us and fulfill a lifetime dream. A creator who has the drive, discipline, and desire to make incredible music and audio for games.

Though this scholarship will only be offered to one applicant, three runners-up will also benefit. Pyramind will offer discounts to the runners-up for its San Francisco-based programs for both ground campus and online programs. Additionally, each runner up will receive a mentoring session from a Pyramind mentor or G.A.N.G. Advisory Board member, as well as a giveaway package.

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Here’s what we’ll need for your application:

  • Proof of high school graduation (PDF) scanned and uploaded to the application form. This can be a college or high school diploma or transcript, GED, or equivalent.
  • A one-page (approximately 350 word) essay containing personal and musical background and sharing what the Pyramind sponsorship will do for you. Tell us about your musical and/or producing experience and where you see yourself in five years.
  • A video posted on Instagram with the hashtag #gameaudioscholarship answering:
    1. Who are you as a person? 
    2. Why do you deserve a scholarship from Pyramind?
    3. How will this change your life?

 A link (wav, aiff, mp3, flac, etc.) to your latest musical composition or sound design.  This can be something you’ve performed on or something you’ve written and/or produced. Links to SoundCloud are accepted.

Profile picture or headshot

 Deadline to Apply is April 2nd @11:59 PM

To qualify for this scholarship, you’ll need to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age or turn 18 during your studies at Pyramind
  • Be a high school graduate or equivalent (GEDs and similar do qualify)
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a full and working knowledge of English as all classes are only instructed in English.
  • Have a valid email address, US mailing address, and working phone number.
  • Pyramind will not provide housing but we’ll assist the recipient  in securing proper housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

We look forward to getting to know all of you soon!


Video Requirements

  • No more than 60 seconds in length
  • Please provide your personal and musical background. 
  • Include answers to the following questions: 
    • How are you currently making/producing music?
    • Playing or singing on the spot is absolutely allowed! Show us your best stuff! 
    • What do you hope to achieve here at Pyramind? How will this change your life?
    • Where do you see yourself in five years after training at Pyramind?

Let us know in your own original Instagram video post (max. 60 seconds) how this scholarship from Pyramind will change your life. This is your chance to let us know why you want to come to school here and how you plan to use your education, so get creative! Be sure to tag us in the post description (@pyramind_official) and also use the hashtag #gameaudioscholarship. Paste the URL link to the instagram post in the apply now form below:

Pyramind is an audio and music production institute that has provided world-class education to students for over 20 years. Focusing on sound engineering, creative music production, sound design, performance, mixing and mastering, Pyramind has been a leading voice in the industry for decades.  

Pyramind is an Ableton Live and Avid Certified training center and the only school on the west coast that offers Wwise Certification for game audio. These certifications have led our students to work with some of the biggest companies in the world including Google, Facebook, Doublefine/Microsoft, Insomniac/Sony, Disney, Blizzard and more.  

Visit Pyramind HERE.  

Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 by game industry veterans and is the leading organization for those involved in-game audio including, music, sound design, dialogue, and game development.

Their mission is to support members through networking, education, advocacy, and recognition. G.A.N.G. hosts many events throughout the year, including the Game Audio Network Guild Awards show, panels, presentations, webinars, diversity events, and more.

Most importantly, G.A.N.G. is a community where people can learn, share and grow.




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