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Meet Jeremy Garren | Pyramind’s Lead Composer

Meet Jeremy Garren – Pyramind’s Lead Composer. Jeremy was a student here at Pyramind before being hired on as a composer for us. He was inspired at a young age by the music he heard in his favorite video games, and wanted to inspire people in the same way with his own productions. In this interview, he goes over a wide range of topics – including his daily tasks as a composer, the challenges he faces, and how Pyramind helped prepare him for the industry.


00:35 – What are your daily tasks as a composer and sound designer?

01:42 – What are some projects you have worked on?

04:30 – What is Sound Design?

05:35 – What are some of the challenges you face working in games?

07:20 – How does being both a sound designer and composer affect your approach to a project?

08:42 – Are you a gamer?

09:30 – Has your experience working in the game sphere professionally affected your ability to enjoy games for pleasure?

10:48 – What is your favorite DAW?

11:32 – How did you get into games?

13:10 – How has Pyramind prepared you for the industry?

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