Collaborating with singer-songwriters in music production ft. Trenton Park.

Working with Singer-songwriters | Producing Out Loud Ep. 18 ft. Trent Park

In this episode, Pyramind’s Chris Gear and Andrew Scanlan sit down with Josh Redden (aka Trent Park) to discuss how producers work with singer-songwriters. Josh is an artist, performer and songwriter working alongside artists/musicians on Def Jam Records, Warner Bros. Records, Def Jam, Vanguard and countless others.

00:00:50 – Trent Park Musical Background
00:09:58 – Practice your Craft
00:16:23 – Be Consistent on Social Media
00:17:13 – Be Humble
00:24:31 – Don’t Be Afraid To Talk Business
00:29:20 – Art vs. Business
00:44:08 – Writing and Working With Others
00:50:10 – Workflow When Writing For Clients
00:54:30 – ‘Rules’ Feat. A Tribe Called Quest’s Jarobi White & Trent Park
00:56:37 – You Never Know The Process
00:58:29 – New Release Discussion

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