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Welcome September 2016 Students

Today is orientation day for a fresh batch of new students – one of the most exciting days of the year at Pyramind. With over 25 new faces in the room, staff and students joined together to share musical backgrounds and career goals before starting classes next week.

The new students have a wide range of musical experience, including audio engineering, electronic music production, instrumental performance, and DJing.

While we have plenty of local bay area natives, we were also joined by students from all over the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, Belgium, and Thailand. 

As always, there was an extremely diverse mix of musical interests ranging from House and Dubstep to Punk and Metal and even Classical.

Matt Donner, Pyramind’s Chief Academic Officer, urged everyone in attendance to “keep an open mind” as it relates to musical tastes over the next 8-12 months of their enrollment, citing an example where a student came in “only interested in producing Trap beats and came out of the program making 8-bit film scores,” saying “you’ll never know which directions you’ll take over the next year.”

The majority of students have enrolled in our 12-month Electronic Music Producer or Complete Producer programs, where they’ll learn modern music production techniques using Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and Pro Tools alongside topics like music theory, arranging, sound design, mixing, and music business. A smaller handful of students opted for our more streamlined 8-month program, The Core Producer

As always, we are extremely excited to welcome these new faces to our hallways, classrooms, and studios, and we are looking forward to helping our new students achieve their goals in the music and audio industries. 

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