VR Sound Design Meetup | Full Video Recap

VR Headsets do a pretty good job of tricking our eyes, but they mostly ignore our ears. We’ve partnered with FIMVR, a leading Virtual Reality meetup group here in SF, to workshop how to tell incredible stories and create immersive visuals through sound.

Watch the full video recap of the panel featuring David Grunzweig from Dysonics, Kevin Bolen from Skywalker Sound, Sharosh Khuwaja from SubPac, and Brennan Anderson from Pyramind.

00:06:42 – Ambisonic Sound vs. Binaural
00:08:26 – Microphones and 360 Audio
00:11:15 – Mono vs. Stereo
00:16:37 – “How many sounds is too complex?”
00:22:20 – Mixing Different Formats
00:25:49 – Monitoring for VR at Skywalker Sound
00:28:32 – SubPac and Virtual Reality
00:30:17 – Sound Design for VR Games vs. VR Cinematics
00:33:43 – Software Industry Standard for VR Audio
00:37:03 – Render Process
00:38:54 – Dolby Atmos Format
00:40:26 – Mixing | Headphone Variety
00:44:33 – Personalized Headphones

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