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VR Sound Design Full Day Workshop | New Date! January 21st

Get inspired! Learn the art of storytelling through audio and create a 360 film audio mix in our world class studio facility. 

In-depth, hands-on training throughout the day on industry standard software. Learn from the pros. See the workshop overview below.

Sponsored by Dysonics and co-hosted with VRFilmmakers Meetup Group.

January 21st, 2017 | 9:30am-6pm | Pyramind 832 Folsom Street, San Francisco CA

Pyramind Discounted Tickets available for $149 (from $175)

Workshop Curriculum Overview:


World building exercise (VR Filmmakers)

Seminar / Working (Ticket includes lunch)

 Dysonics Product and Platform Overview (David Grunzweig & Jimmy Tobin)

Overview Presentation (Brennan Anderson)

  • What is HRTF and localized (3D) sound. Overview of state of the industry and available toolsets.
  • Location Sound Recording and Capture: Lavalier (Lav), Shotgun, Ambisonic, and Binaural microphones
  • Format Conversions (ambisonic A vs B format) and res down video content for working in the DAW of your choice (We will be using Pro Tools) (mp4). Different programs that can do this.
  • For Rondo360, we must have a monophonic video. Talk about different formats of 360 video.

Hands On Workshop (Greg Gordon) with Dysonics Tech Assistance (David Grunzweig & Jimmy Tobin)

  • Introduction to DAW Basics using Pro Tools: Importing dialogue and ambient field recordings.Discuss similarities to standard film post, and present and review  pre-configured spotting session.
  • SFX Selection, Sound Design, Spotting to Picture
  • Effects and Processing chains
  • Syncing Pro Tools and Rondo360
  • Previewing 360 video in Rondo360 with head tracking
  • Automating Rondo360 data in Pro Tools
  • Format requirements for exporting based on distribution platform (Facebook, Youtube, Other)
  • Exporting 360 audio to video, metadata and uploading requirements

Live Music Performance

  • Recording comparing SPS200 Ambisonic Mic and ROndo 360 Binaural Mic in Pyramind’s Studio A
    • Wrap up and networking Session

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