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Here at Pyramind our Creative Services team excels in managing the entire voice production (VO) pipeline for interactive games, mobile device voicing, corporate video and more. We interviewed voice actor Erik Braa, as well as Pyramind’s VO manager Ophylia Wispling to give you a peek into the voice production process at our studios.

Erik’s voice over work can be heard in a wide range of titles including Mage Knight Apocalypse, Assassin’s Creed DS, and League of Legends. He touches on how he started his career as a voice actor, as well as his experience doing voice over work at Pyramind.

Ophylia is Pyramind’s Studio Operations and VO Services Manager. She talks about her first big project as an intern, as well as her daily tasks as our current VO manager. Sometimes her role requires working with casting agents, in addition to doing some casting herself. This is a must watch for prospective students, clients, and aspiring voice actors who are curious about the career and the voice production process.

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