Alumni spotlight - Vikas Bhavnagar, a music producer program graduate, excels in sound for picture & games.

Vikas Bhagavatula | Film Music Composer | Sound For Picture

Vikas Bhagavatula came to the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating from Arizona State University, where he studied business finance. He originally came to San Francisco to work in technology. However, having studied classical music and piano since a young age, Vikas had always been passionate about telling stories through sound and music.

With an ultimate goal of pursuing audio production in a professional capacity, he discovered Pyramind and graduated from the school’s Complete Producer Program in December 2018. Soon after interning and demonstrating his significant skills, Vikas was asked to work as a dialogue engineer and sound designer for commercial trailers for Pyramind Studios’ client services. Utilizing his prior experiences in programming and classical music and the knowledge he gained from Pyramind’s Game audio classes, he is now also working with game audio integration.

When not working in the studio Vikas spends much of his personal time focusing on composing and developing his own catalog of cinematic music.

Pyramind’s Thoughts

Vikas was one of those students who approached his experience at Pyramind in very calculated and measured steps. His integration into the community and accelerated rate of growth was a smooth and very elegant journey that showed the maturity of a well-educated and thoughtful individual.

In general, all of Vikas’ instructors were impressed with how quickly he grasped complicated subject matter and how his intense passion for musical story telling affected everyone around him in a positive way.  He was quick to understand the value of the diverse Pyramind community and to take advantage of the many collaborative opportunities.

This resulted in even deeper bonds with his fellow students and staff and proved him to be a very worthy intern and then an exceptional editor and sound designer who has contributed greatly to some of Pyramind’s studio client work.

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