Using VSTs in Reason | Building a Riser in Serum

Pyramind instructor Caiti VerBrugge dives into Reason 9.5 and shows us how to use VSTs in Reason. She builds a riser in Serum, and demonstrates how to automate parameters and use CV routing to control the sound using other Reason devices.
First, she builds the patch in Serum. She uses one of Serum’s LFOs to modulate the wavetable position of oscillator A, as well as the detune amount. Then, she sets the pitch bend range to 24 semitones and automates the pitch wheel in Reason’s sequencer. Next, she uses Reason’s Pulsar Dual LFO device to modulate the level of her oscillator in Serum. She also adds a reverb to the sound, and automates the Dry/Wet parameter.
Last but not least, she decides to use the reverb tail created by the riser, to make an entirely new riser. She bounces the MIDI to audio, and isolates the reverb tail. She reverses the audio clip to form the reverb-tail riser.

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