In this turntable scratch tutorial, you will learn the art of scratching on a turntable. Perfect for music producers and beatmaking enthusiasts, this step-by-step guide is an essential addition to

TurntablistDISK | Scratch Tutorial

Pioneer turntablist TurntablistDISK (aka DJ Disk) graced Pyramind with two exclusive scratching performances, as well as some insight into his philosophy on scratching. He also provided instruction on how to perform some of his favorite scratching techniques – including a yet-to-be-named scratch he recently created. He has shared the stage and scratched with legends such as Herbie Hancock, Primus, Buckethead, Tabla Beat Science and Bill Laswell.

TurntablistDISK is a San Francisco Bay Area turntablist, credited with inventing the Orbit, the Crab, and many other commonly used scratching moves. When he performs, he treats scratching as a percussive instrument. To him, every new scratch invented is a person’s personality. In this scratching tutorial, he goes over multiple techniques – including the crab, the echo, the orbit, and more.

Get an up close look at his personal techniques, including his thought process behind the ones he helped create. This is a captivating piece for fellow turntablists or scratch enthusiasts, looking to get into Grandmaster TurntablistDISK’s head.





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