Learn music production online through a live pyramid mentor session, covering topics such as mixing mastering and beatmaking.

How and When To Get A Record Deal

March 14th, 2019 – 6:00pm-7:30pm (pst)

You’ve worked for days (months?) on that track dialing in the sound to perfection.  This completes the album / EP / release you’ve been working for for so long and finally, it’s ready for the world to hear! 

Now what?…..

Grammy nominee MING has been DJing and producing for over two decades, racking up a huge list of tracks, fans, tours, label contacts – and a Grammy nomination.  He offers private lessons and is a featured instructor on Pyramind’s Mentorship network.

MING will be hosting a live online mentorship session to ALL attendees who struggle with this issue – taking your music to the markets and finding the right partner to turn music into money!  In this 90-minute workshop, he’ll walk you through his strategies and tactics for getting a record deal, including:

  • Developing a release plan

  • Identifying your potential audience.

  • Evaluating your music against your musical peers. 

  • Evaluating your social presence and value in the market. 

  • What a label does and what you need to do to market your music.

  • Finding, Contacting and developing relationship with labels / playlists.

  • Submitting your music and knowing what to expect from labels.

  • Supporting a label’s marketing effort.

  • Rinse, Repeat

Pyramind will host the event via Zoom – an online meeting and sharing platform. Ticket holders will receive a link to the event and can join LIVE! There’s a QnA session at the end to help with YOUR music and one lucky workshop participant gets a FREE 1-hour follow-up mentorship session with MING!


  • Tickets are being sold through Elevent below.

  • Multiple tickets are available per customer – a link to the event will be sent to the email associated with the purchase. If you’re buying for others, please email “matt@pyramind.com” to request that tickets be transferred to other email addresses for your friends.

  • A surcharge will be added by Elevent during the checkout process.

  • 10 minutes before the start of the event, a Zoom link will be sent out to all email addresses associated with purchases OR tickets bought then transferred to other accounts.

  • If you purchased but did not receive the link at the time of the event, email “matt@pyramind.com” OR call 1-888-378-9800.

  • Recordings will be made and will be FREE for all who purchased tickets and have associated email addresses.

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