Trivium | Corey Beaulieu | Exclusive Interview

Watch this exclusive interview with Trivium guitarist, Corey Beaulieu shot on location at Ace of Spades in Sacramento.

In the interview, Corey talks about their current US tour for Silence in the Snow and what it was like recording that record. 

We asked him about multi-tracking guitars in the recording process and how that has changed over the course of their career. He talks about how he and Matt split parts for the live setting for solos.

Want to know how Corey writes his crushing guitar solos? Well we asked him…

Their new single As The World Grows Cold is a bonafide hit on US radio, a first for the band here in the States.  We asked Corey about that riff and how he gets that killer squelchy tone at the end of it and he talks about his pinch harmonic technique on the low B string.

Finally we discuss Corey’s signature Jackson guitar and how that deal came about, and what it’s like building a guitar with a company like Jackson.

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