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Hi Matt,

I have to thank you and your entire team for all that you are doing. If Eric hasn’t expressed his enthusiasm and appreciation to you, he has to me almost every day. He is loving his Pyramind education, and I see (hear) real progress being made thanks to you and your team. I view the decision to enable Eric to pursue his passion of making music as one of my best. The guy is just soaking it up and I’m delighted by that.

— Kelly L (Parent of Pyramind Training Graduate)

What did Pyramind do for me that I can’t do for myself? One word: Contacts. Old cliche “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Especially true in this business. The teachers are not only world class, but have been in the biz for decades. They have some very important relationships. Hell, Steffen’s Guest Lectures are worth the admissions alone.

I could teach myself the software (although not as well as these guys can), but the contacts and relationships established while at this school, would be out of my reach most likely. I now work at the best video game developer in the country, have keys to a world class studio (not the school’s), and am in talks with another studio to score a film. All because of Pyramind’s help. 100%.

— Camden S. (Video Game Program Graduate)

Thanks for your feedback (Matt Donner). I think it’s great that you take the time to do so in video format as well. It really adds a personal touch to the class.

— DJ Hubka (Online Music Theory Student)

I felt this way before but with more perspective now, I personally think your school is AMAZING.
Its the most personable school Ive been too. (as i also took 2 courses at Dubspot in NYC prior to SF)
I love how you make time for the students who are hungry to learn and absorb, office hours and studio time and the person-ability and friendliness of your staff were some of my favorite things about Pyramind and essential to making the most of my learning time with you guys.

I also appreciate the time spent on each course, as you give a very in depth learning experience that is very thorough with the content.
Oh and in-class feedback each class was a really valuable component also!!! I miss this alot.

— Zoey S. (Complete Program Graduate)

I’d just like to say I’ve found the first two lessons have been very helpful with learning the basics of Djing… The first two lessons helped me make immediate huge improvements in my abilities as I was very lost.

— Sean D (Online DJ Course)

Pyramind is a great group of folks who really care about providing relevant, high-quality instruction in the musical arts. Their classes are very thorough and you can tell they care about the class experience and how much we, the students, get from our time there. They have classes of all sorts, for all genres. You can learn to set up a sound field in a studio or club, get production skills honed or refreshed, and much more. Having great resources like Pyramind on-hand is another reason we are very lucky to live here in the Bay Area. What are you waiting for?

— Graham W. (from his Yelp Review)

Absolute 5-star experience … I have found each of my instructors as well as Andrew (enrollment advisor) to be extremely responsive and willing to help. It seems they genuinely care about my progress as an artist while at the same time respect me as a student and customer of Pyramind.
At the end of the day, when you pay for a product or service you hope it lives up to your expectations. This school seriously has blown me away with the amount of value they have provided me throughout this certificate program…
(Post graduation) I feel like I have come so far in 9 months and yet still have so much to learn. I thoroughly enjoy the process of learning and growing as a producer now that I have a solid foundation, thanks to Pyramind. I know this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in quite some time: choosing to invest in myself so that I may grow in my greatest passion. I must admit that I had no idea the growth would be such a quantum leap!

— Jeff B (Online Ableton Student) – Yelp Review Excerpt

Additionally, I wish to send my note of appreciation for the excellent videos in Youtube by Pyramind
and great presentation by Will Marshall. Normally, we are in the habit of watching YT videos max 5
minutes…even that is too much, honestly. However, both your lessons, even though they extended close
to 40 minutes, I stayed hooked. I can’t believe myself:)
Please keep up the good work and wishing all the best for you.

— Perin (DJ 101 Student)

(in week 5) I really feel like i’ve gained a ton of knowledge from your course.

I already started the mastering stuff. Using the MBC as a frequency splitter and adding a saturator to the high end is DOPE. That strategy made the biggest impact on my mixing results that i’ve experienced in a long time

— Michael S – Online Ableton Student

I’ve told them that your are like this calm and cool Yoda type who gives direction and feed back and if you choose to take the direction then you will definitely grow within your production skills. In short what you think you know you actually don’t know until you’ve taken a class with Liam (Shy)

— Calvin J. (Online Ableton Student)

You wanna know what did Pyramind do for me that I couldn’t do for myself? Simply giving me the training, the knowledge and the skills to fully understand the audio production and post production world, how to use Pro Tools like a pro (I’ve been using Logic Pro for years and thought that it was the best software for recording, I was wrong!!), and if I have a job at Talking House Production (one of the biggest record labels here in the city) it’s only cause the skills that I’ve got thru my path at Pyramind. What do I regret most about going to Pyramind? That one of the best year of my life is freaking over and that I don’t have free access to all those amazing studios and recording room anymore (you get free studio time throughout your whole year there, and it’s amazing; without even saying how friendly and usefull all the teachers are).

— Andrea I. (Complete Program Graduate)

Dana is LOVING your program, and continues to compliment the quality of the staff. He is comparing it to the Expressions Center, as he has friends there, and his friends now want to come to Pyramind.

— Candace M. (Parent of Pyramind Training Student)

My friend produces for a long time now, and one day we got together, after I had a deeper knowledge in ableton and worked on a pair of songs!…After we finished both songs we looked for some labels that sounded like our songs and got them in!! He has a lot of contacts which helped these songs get listened too and they liked them!! (and released on Beatport) So now we are still working together,just making more music!!

— – Nicholas G (Online Ableton Student)

I have come so far already in this last quarter and I am extremely satisfied with the online certificate program.

— Jeffrey B. (Ableton Live Online Program)

Graduated a few years ago and I can say this is the best school in the Bay Area. Soup to nuts music industry learning with a really fantastic staff of instructors. Steffen Franz being my favorite with his wonderful mentoring skills. You can only succeed in the music business if you create a web of talented people, and the best place to do that is Pyramind. Love it , thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!

— Stu G. (from his Yelp Review)

“The staff at Pyramind is certified and approachable; I have already met more than a handful of multi-talented students with very solid music projects. After attending multiple other schools I can finally say it feels great to be in an institution that is not discriminatory against any DAWs and gives marketing and branding the importance they deserve.”

— Dario Navarrete, first day student

WOW. I’ve finally found the DAW I’ve been looking for… I’ve been a musician my whole life but have worked as an IT professional for most of my career….I couldn’t sleep at night for months. I would write musical ideas in my sleep and then dream I was moving them around in an Excel spreadsheet to realign them until they worked together. It drove me crazy. Anyway, I got my first look at the Ableton session view – essentially a spreadsheet – and jumped for joy. I’m an algorithmic thinker – the perfect workflow for the way my brain works.

— Diane B. – Online Ableton Student

Man….. this school year has been such an amazing experience..
There is something so awesome about this school that I can’t really put into words. It’s not really JUST a school. It’s a place to hang out. To nerd it up. To talk about our influences in music and sound. I feel as if I am constantly surrounded by supportive, passionate, kind people who want to see you succeed. The staff are incredible, the resources make me feel musically spoiled, and the students I’ve met are beyond cool. From all over the world!
I don’t really know how else to put it in words except that Pyramind is awesome! I really want to succeed in these kinds of industries someday. Thanks to everyone who continue to support me.

— Nathan R. (2016 Ground Campus Student)

“I just wanted to give a very sincere thank you for everything Pyramind offers. I had gone from 0 – 100 in my opinion after going through the courses and programs. And also for all of the life lessons and hands on work I have been exposed to for the past two years here in San Francisco.

— Chris S. – Sound for Picture & Games Grad

I learned a lot from the (teacher video) feedback. Using a resonator on a kick drum was such a fresh new concept! It never even crossed my mind to use it that way. I love adding variation to my drums now too… Your class has really helped me wrap my mind around theory and songwriting in a lot of ways. I finally have my bearings around it. Thank you.

— Tanner H. – Online Student

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your wisdom, guidance and patients with me along this wonderful journey with learning how to produce electronic music in Ableton. I have to say that I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot.

— Calvin J. – Online Ableton Student

I’ve used your (Matt Donner’s) method a couple of times since our conversation and I really like it. As far as production on Me and You, I have changed some of the notes we talked about and have tightened some of the phrases. I did add a couple minor layers for this one but I’m going for simple and powerful for this one so I’m not sure if I’m going to do any more really intense layers for this. I’ve been listening to other songs and listing out the parts of songs and then the added instrumentation as the song progresses which has helped me to see what how much I could potentially be adding etc..

That being said, I did do some REALLY good layering for Gone after our discussion. I worked in some guitars, really tightened up the rhythm, added some additional slight percussion and it really is coming together. The concept of palate and vertical production really helped me. Also, going in and synching everything together was something I went through and did and it really made it sound amazing. I’d love to send it to you if you’re open to listening to it!

— Kellen Music – Mentorship Student