Audio Fundamentals

Audio Fundamentals

Includes 4 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

Pyramind’s Audio Fundamentals online class is the first step in a two-course series. This class will begin to give you a comprehensive knowledge of audio, from the tiniest sounds to the interactions of drums and multiple microphones. Based on the Pyramind text on the subject, this course will demystify what sound is and how it behaves on its journey from your hands to your ears, through the instruments, mics, wires, computer and speakers.

  • Sound waves and the three ways to experience them
  • Building sound from the “atomic particle of sound”
  • How waves interact: the good, the bad, and the phasey
  • Understanding the dB in wires, in the air, and in the computer
  • Choosing a computer and DAW for the job
  • Wires and connecting gear: why it’s really important to get right (and how almost everyone is probably using the wrong ones)
  • Microphones: being creative with mic choices and their placement

$395: Currently only available as a part of the EMP Online Producer Program

Mentors for this course:

Pyramind Method Vol 1 – Audio Fundamentals


This text covers the lifecycle of sound in today’s production studios — choosing the right computer, DAW, and microphones for your needs; getting the right sound from your room on a budget; and the history and practical application of synthesis.

I never write reviews, but I’ve been absolutely blown away by the training here. If I had mentors like this when I was first getting started 15 years ago, my life would be very different. These guys are the real deal.

— Tyron 6/13/17

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