Welcome to Reason

Welcome to Reason

Includes 4 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

A great way for you to get started with Reason, this course gives you the knowledge you need to get your musical ideas into Reason, as well as a grand tour of the tools, routing, and editing features it offers. Whether you’re a newcomer to Reason or a self-taught producer looking to “fill in the blanks,” Welcome to Reason will improve your understanding of the tools and production workflow.

  • Setting up Reason for the first time

  • Getting sound in and out

  • Getting MIDI in and out

  • Getting to know Reason’s devices

  • Learning about effects and sound routing

  • Recording and editing audio

  • Making comp edits of your takes

  • Arranging a song in Blocks and Song modes

  • Mixing

Mentors for this course:

I feel like I have come so far in 9 months and yet still have so much to learn. I thoroughly enjoy the process of learning and growing as a producer now that I have a solid foundation, thanks to Pyramind. I know this has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in quite some time: choosing to invest in myself so that I may grow in my greatest passion. I must admit that I had no idea the growth would be such a quantum leap!

— Jeff B – Yelp Review Excerpt

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