Welcome to Pro Tools 101

Welcome to Pro Tools 101

Includes 4 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

Welcome to Pro Tools 101 is the first class in the Avid Pro Tools Certification series. This course provides all the necessary foundational skills to create and manage sessions efficiently, record and edit audio and MIDI, understand the basics of signal flow and effects processing, navigate all of Pro Tools’ windows, record and edit automation, and produce finished works ready for iTunes, SoundCloud, a burned CD, or any other means of sharing your work!

Upon completion of this course, you are eligible to take the Pro Tools 101 certification exam at an Avid Learning Partner Test Center – the first step in obtaining Pro Tools Operator Certification and beyond. This class is delivered in 10 video segments over 8 weeks, with an additional 10 video review questions segments, during which Pro Tools Expert instructor Bryan Dale not only provides answers to the review questions in the required Pro Tools 101 Version 12 textbook, but more importantly shows you where to find those answers for yourself.

  • Pro Tools overview

  • Creating a session

  • Recording audio

  • Importing media

  • Recording MIDI

  • Navigating Pro Tools

  • Basic editing and mixing techniques

  • Finishing and exporting

Recommended textbook: Pro Tools 101: An Introduction to Pro Tools 12 by Frank D. Cook (Avid Learning Series)

Mentors for this course:

I love how you make time for the students who are hungry to learn and absorb, office hours and studio time, and the personability and friendliness of your staff were some of my favorite things about Pyramind and essential to making the most of my learning time with you guys.

— Zoey S. (Complete Program Graduate)

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