Synthesis & Sound Design with Logic Pro X

Synthesis & Sound Design with Logic Pro X

Includes 4 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

In this course, you will explore the deep world of synthesis and sound design in Logic Pro X. With a video series led by trance and house producer 7 Skies, Synthesis & Sound Design demystifies how Logic’s synths work and how you can use them to create the right sounds for your productions. You will learn to recreate winning sounds that are tearing up the charts, and gain the knowledge to make your own cutting-edge sounds.

  • Synthesis basics
  • Envelopes, LFOs, filters, and amplifiers
  • Recreating existing sounds
  • How to add dimension and motion to your sound
  • How to choose the right synth for “that sound”
  • Ear training
  • Using audio effects to process your sound
  • Advanced synthesis techniques
  • David’s “secret alternative techniques”

Mentors for this course:

I ordered an hour of training for Logic Pro X with Chris (Gear) because I had questions about using some Native Instruments tools with it and ended up getting my questions answered in less than 10 minutes. I spent the rest of the hour having my mind blown by what I had been missing with synths that I thought I knew really well. I have been using Massive and Absynth for several years now, but now I look at them like whole new synths, capable of anything I can imagine. My love for Logic was also taken to new levels, having learned several new shortcuts and tricks that were totally new to me. I will book another lesson as soon as I can!

— Kate 10/31/16

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