Synthesis & Sound Design with Ableton Live

Synthesis & Sound Design with Ableton Live

Includes 4 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

This is an eight-week introductory sound design course led by sound designer and producer Liam Shy. The focus of this course is to demystify the basic forms of synthesis used in modern day music and general sound design. This class emphasizes the fundamental techniques commonly used on many instruments, while drawing parallels to how many synthesizers have similar functionality.

  • Subtractive synthesis (Analog)
  • Fm Synthesis (Operator)
  • Simpler/sampler
  • Working with audio
  • Warping
  • Granulator (Max for Live)
  • Patch creation
  • Drum sampling

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Thanks for everything this school has done for me. It has been nothing but the best experience for me and I’m really starting to understand the flows of these programs.

— Matthew Allen (Ableton Online Student)

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