Production Workflows with Live

Production Workflows with Ableton Live

Includes 6 Hours of One-on-One Mentorship

This is a beginner to intermediate level online class that uses Ableton Live to produce music with an emphasis on aesthetics, arrangement, production, and mixing. The course focuses on production techniques and strategies for developing your own unique sound when composing and producing with Ableton Live. This class explores a high level of detail with Ableton’s tools and devices (instruments, effects, racks, and more), and requires you to engage in discussions about musical aesthetics, arrangement, and production techniques.

You are required to show examples of your work throughout the term and have the opportunity to collaborate with other students in the class. Objectives for the class are structured so you will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Creating unique sounds in your productions
  • Complex drum programming and arrangement
  • Creating engaging and innovative bass lines and lead lines
  • Creating interesting arrangements and sound design
  • Professional mixing techniques
  • Collaborating with other student producers
  • Collaborating on a final project

(This course formerly called Advanced Producing with Ableton)

Mentors for this course:

I felt it was necessary to write this letter and express how I felt because my concept of Ableton has completely changed thanks to Pyramind’s approach to teaching Ableton

— Serg R. (Ableton Producers Certificate)

 Pyramind is an Ableton Live Certified Training Center

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