Producing and Arranging with Matt Donner

Producing & Arranging with Matt Donner

Includes 6 Hours of One-On-One Mentorship

Pyramind’s brand new online producing and arranging class takes our most popular class from our ground campus and delivers it to you at home. Matt teaches the class within Ableton Live, but you can follow along in any DAW that you choose.

Not only do you get a rich online learning environment packed with text, images and video, you also get six hours of one-on-one mentorship through the Pyramind Mentorship Network, up to $600 in value, included in the price of your course. 

This course will help you finish songs, make better musical decisions and determine what sounds and parts belong together. You’ll learn about the role of drums, bass, chords, harmony and melody.  Specific attention and time are given to arranging and how you make your song work over time. Once your song is arranged you’ll learn about building a solid mix to let your parts really speak to the listener.


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Your class has really helped me wrap my mind around theory and songwriting in a lot of ways. I finally have my bearings around it. Thank you.

— Tanner H. (Online Student)

Other benefits include:

  • Six hours of private mentorship through the Pyramind Mentorship Network (up to $600 value)

  • Academic discount pricing on Ableton Live 9 Suite or Standard

  • Special discounts with EDU partners

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Course Outline:

I’ve used your method a couple of times since our conversation and I really like it… I’ve been listening to other songs and listing out the parts of songs and then the added instrumentation as the song progresses which has helped me to see what how much I could potentially be adding etc..

That being said, I did do some REALLY good layering for “Gone” after our discussion. I worked in some guitars, really tightened up the rhythm, added some additional slight percussion and it really is coming together. The concept of palate and vertical production really helped me. Also, going in and syncing everything together was something I went through and did and it really made it sound amazing.

— Kellen Music (Matt Donner Mentorship Student)
  • Rhythm Part I
    • The “King of all Beats”

    • Using rhythm to structure your overall song

    • Choosing sounds for your beat

  • Rhythm Part II
    • 3 ways to make your beats better

    • IABO:  what is it and why is it so important?

  • Bass
    • Struggling with bass parts?  Let the beat dictate your bass line.
    • Choosing your key – colors, keys and moods
  • Harmony Part I
    • Choosing chords that fit your bass
    • Choosing chords before you do bass
    • Colors, keys and moods – (not just for bass)
  • Harmony Part II
    • Inversions – why they matter and how they can pre-fix your mix
    • The 1 BIG cheat to make your songs thicker, moodier and fatter with no work
  • Melody
    • What makes them “stick”?  
    • How do you build one?
    • The 2 kinds of melodies and how to recognize them in your songs other’s
  • Arranging Part I
    • The different ways to structure a track
    • The emotional arc – what is it and why do we care?  You should…
  • Arranging Part II
    • Why it is just not that hard. Really!
    • The secret to why you’re probably doing it wrong and not finishing songs.
    •  When to start – and when to go back to the drawing board
  • Mixing Part I
    • The 6 steps of mixing
    • Why “Stage Zero” is a must-do, no matter what anyone else tells you!
  •  Mixing Part II
    • When to automate and when not to.  Strategies for saving time
    • Finishing up!  Yes, the finish line is close.  It only looks far away…

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