Mentor My Mix With Rob Garza

Rob Garza: The Secrets To Building A 30-Year Career In Music

In this episode, we had the pleasure to sit down with Rob Garza from the trailblazing electronic duo Thievery Corporation. Rob shares his secrets to how he has built an extraordinary enduring career in the music industry. From Thievery Corporation to his own solo project Garza and now the creation of a soon-to-be-released musical documentary telling the story of musicians from war-torn Yemen. Formed in Washington D.C., almost 30 years ago, by Rob and partner Eric Hilton, Thievery Corporation carved its own lane in electronic music by creating a genre-blending sonic gateway unifying diverse cultures.

We begin the interview with a brief analysis and breakdown of Thievery Corporation’s popular track Lebanese Blonde to better understand the sound design and musical styling that went into creating their biggest hits. Garza takes us back to the very beginning of his musical journey and what led to his passion for electronic music and producing at an early age. He shares the evolution in technology he experienced firsthand that has shifted from the way electronic music was created over twenty years ago to what it is today. 

Deepening his international reach, Garza touches on his courageous efforts to amplify the story of the Yemeni people through their rich musical heritage. Garza shares the story of his journey through Yemen and the recordings he has created with select Yemeni musicians to help tell their story through his efforts with the United Nations World Food Project and how that opportunity has opened his eyes to the privilege of making music without social or political limitations. 

Lebanese blonde:

Summers , ours (G’s dust up):


Episode #35 with Rob Garza

Rob Garza & Greg Gordon

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