The Resurgence of Vinyl | Producing Out Loud Ep. 14 ft. Steffen Franz

Welcome to Producing Out Loud, our series where we discuss a wide range of topics related to music production, business, and technology.
In this episode, Pyramind music business instructors Steffen Franz, Greg Gordon, and Jeff Straw discuss the resurgence of vinyl and the current state of physical distribution in the music industry.

00:02:00 – Fans vs. Likes
00:05:50 – Physical Releases by Genre
00:09:49 – Start Small
00:13:03 – What’s driving this resurgence of vinyl?
00:18:30 – On-demand Access
00:23:40 – Lower barriers to making vinyl
00:26:22 – The days of DJing with vinyl
00:29:20 – Knowing you end user
00:34:00 – Marketing is about the story
00:39:25 – Unique packaging for physical releases

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