MMM Podcast #36 Mckay Garner

McKay Garner: The Pros & Cons of Mixing in Dolby Atmos

In this episode of The Mentor My Mix Podcast, we had the opportunity to meet with producer, audio engineer, and studio owner Mckay Garner. We discuss his studio set up and the Pros and Cons of Mixing in Dolby Atmos.

The interview begins with an analysis and breakdown of the pre-mastered track “Bright Dark”, Written and produced by Ben Flanagan from the rock band “Black Map” with Mckay in the roles of co-producer, arranger, and mixer. Mckay goes on to discuss his day-to-day work life, how he has built an impressive Dolby Atmos configured studio, and how his experimentation with sound design has shifted the way he works and collaborates with artists and musicians.  

Learn about object-based mixing and binaural rendering, as well as the optimal environment to set up an Atmos system. The interview concludes with an in-depth discussion of technological advancements in music and the customization of individual listening experiences.

Bright Dark By Ben Flanagan:

Envelopes By Mckay Garner:

Find out more about Mckay Here:




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Episode #36 with McKay Garner

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