Breakdown Series Roundup with Matt Donner & Jason Butler

The Breakdown Series Quarterly Roundup

One of our favorite things to do here at Pyramind is to breakdown music and sound design that we like, to better understand how they work. In this post we highlight some of our most recent breakdown videos to help you reverse engineer these massive hits in order to be able to apply similar techniques to your own projects.


Our students have great success with this method of learning which is why we have established it as a core pillar of how we teach. If you’re currently on a path of leveling up your productions, then please send one of your recent tracks to and we’ll gladly breakdown your song and give you constructive feedback, free of charge. We’re here for you!


Now let’s get started. We recommend downloading the actual audio files to these songs and pulling them into your DAW, setting the BPM, lining it up to a click, and re-composing the piece alongside us. This is an incredibly helpful practice to learn.

Let’s go!

Madeon - You're On

Lizzo - Truth Hurts

Mario Kart 8 - Results A

Billie Eilish - Wish You Were Gay

Boo'd Up - Ella Mai

Adventure - Madeon

Have a song you’d like us to break down? Send it to so we can check it out!

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