The Breakdown | RZN8R | Ableton Live

In this episode of The Breakdown, Pyramind student Derek Buckwalter aka RZN8R walks us through the Ableton session of his new single – Sterling & Castille feat. Cozmost. Every sound in the song was constructed from a human voice – even the drums and the sub bass.

RZN8R is an Oakland-raised producer/singer who draws from a wide array of influences – fusing his passions for singing, new thought spirituality, and beats – to craft deep, lush, hypnotic grooves.

00:00:58 – Sound Design | Human Voice
00:02:42 – Sound Design | Making a Bass from a Vocal
00:05:50 – Sound Design | Drums | Beatboxing
00:06:57 – Vocal Processing | Cozmost’s Take
00:10:00 – Working with Cozmost
00:11:24 – Web Presence

Watch the Live Studio Performance:


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