Two men in a recording studio discussing beatmaking and music production.

The Breakdown | Rocker-T | Tru Ganjaman

Watch this Breakdown tutorial that takes an in-depth look into the Ableton Live session remix of Rocker-T’s Tru Ganja Man. Unlock their techniques and tricks of the trade to utilize in your own productions.

In this episode, Greg Gordon interviews reggae artist Rocker-T in support for his release: Tru Ganjaman The Remixes. The remix package honors the 20th anniversary of the original release of Tru Ganjaman, the album contains 23 remixes and was released on 4/20/16.

Through the interview they cover Rocker-T’s background, his production techniques, vocal processing, bass sounds as well as dig into G2’s remix. Learn tips on taking an iconic vocal and building a remix around it.

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