Two music producers in front of a keyboard in a recording studio, working on music production and mixing mastering.

The Breakdown | NIMITAE | Liberating Love Remix

Welcome to The Breakdown, our new series that takes an in depth look into a producer’s session. Unlock their techniques and tricks of the trade to utilize in your own productions. 

In this episode, Pyramind’s Greg Gordon talks with NIMITAE (aka Bryan Franklin) about his new remix of the Joe Muscatello track titled Liberating Love.

They dig deep into his Logic session to discuss how he created his remix of Joe’s track. 

Included are useful tips on bass sound design and layering, drum programming and filtering, vocal chops and remixing as well as NIMITAE’s unique and holistic take on production

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00:24 Introduction
01:09 Approach to the Remix
04:52 Bass Sounds
11:59 Drums
19:40 Creative Process
22:42 Ornamental Enhancers
24:24 Vocal Processing
27:38 Outro

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