Two men in a recording studio using a music production program for beatmaking, mixing, and mastering.

The Breakdown | M3RC x FreeFall | The Underground

Watch the new episode of The Breakdown, our new series that takes an in depth look into a producer’s session. Unlock their techniques and tricks of the trade to utilize in your own productions.

In this episode, Pyramind’s Greg Gordon talks with M3RC (aka Shawn Mercado) on his new original mix co-produced with bay area’s FreeFall that has garnered global attention since it’s release on Audiophile’s Doble XX Grande compilation soundtrack in January 2016.

Sean talks about how they collaborated on the track even though they were on different DAWs (M3RC in Ableton Live and FreeFall in Logic Pro X).

Get an inside peek on M3RC’s workflow secrets including: building customized kicks using the Nicky Romero plugin, arrangement tips, working with your collaborators strengths, why you convert MIDI parts to audio and how to get your mix to compete with the rest using various plug-ins like Izotope’s Ozone and Fabfilter’s Pro-L.

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00:20 Introduction
02:05 Using stems to collab in different DAW’s
04:17 Sean’s initial Ableton session
06:00 Creating kicks with Nicky Romero plug-in
10:37 Bassline layers
11:44 Favorite synths & workflow
13:44 Final mix Ableton session
17:32 Adding compression and re-sidechaining entire bass group
19:42 Mastering with Fabfilter and Izotope

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