The breakdown of Cole Smith's and Smarttron's music production, mixing, and mastering.

The Breakdown | Cole Smithers & Smoltron | Free Ableton Drum Rack Download

Watch the latest episode of The Breakdown, our new series that takes an in depth look into a producer’s session. Unlock their techniques and tricks of the trade to utilize in your own productions. 

In this episode, Pyramind’s Jeff Straw sits down with alumni Brandon Roos (aka Smoltron) and Cole Smithers to talk about their new track, “”Axiom Annihilator”” – a track they made using only the samples from our Impact Sound Design giveaway!

They talk about how they used the impact sound effects to make bass sounds, leads, and plucks. They also made a custom drum rack with the processed sounds from the track – downloadable and yours to play with! Watch Cole Smithers deliver a spur of the moment finger drumming performance with the kit. 

You can also grab all of the original samples they used to make the track HERE

Cole Smithers: Website, Soundcloud
Smoltron: Website,  Soundcloud

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