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Enhancing sound with dummy clips for music production.

Changing Presets with Dummy Clips | Ableton Live

In this two-part Ableton tutorial, Pyramind instructor Will Marshall goes over how he uses “dummy clips” to quickly change presets during a live performance. This technique enables you to easily swap sounds that are assigned to a single MIDI instrument using scene launches. 

This is a must-watch for people performing live using Ableton, especially those of you looking for ways to make your performance as natural and efficient as possible.

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Master the art of beatmaking in our free music production program, where we encourage you to unleash your creativity and explore the perfect balance between technology and music.

Balancing Creativity & Technology | Producing Out Loud Ep. 2 ft. Jor van der Poel

Welcome to Producing Out Loud, our new series where we discuss a wide range of topics related to music production, business, and technology.

In this episode, Pyramind’s Jeff Straw and Will Marshall (aka Coma Cartel) are joined by our special guest Jor van der Poel as they discuss balancing creativity and technology. The demand to master music production technology can sometimes make it difficult for producers to stay creative. Jeff, Will and Jor talk about their experiences with this issue, and the unique ways they overcome it.

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Sound design sample muttering using Ableton Live, a music producer program.

Sample Morphing in Ableton Live

Pyramind instructor Will Marshall goes over sample morphing in Ableton Live. Sample morphing is a technique used to make an individual sample evolve over time. Will uses a simple clap sample to demonstrate this production technique.

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A skilled music producer specializing in beatmaking and mixing/mastering techniques, offering tips for utilizing RB drums and the Konkat software.

Mixing Tips | R&B Drums | Kontakt

In this Ableton tutorial, Pyramind instructor Will Marshall shows us how he achieves tight-sounding R&B drums using Kontakt. He also goes over a useful drum kit setup that allows you to trigger individual Kontakt drums in each cell in Ableton’s drum rack. This setup requires some extra time, but is worth it because you can save the drum rack and use it in other projects.

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Collaborating with Marshall to create beats and master them for free online music production.

Mixing Tips | iZotope Nectar | Will Marshall

In this music mixing tip, Pyramind instructor Will Marshall shows us how he uses iZotope Nectar to mix a saxophone part in an electro-funk track he is currently working on in Ableton Live. With its real-time pitch correction and harmony module, Nectar is traditionally used to treat vocals – but Will shows you that it is versatile enough for treating saxophone as well.

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A screen with the words beatmaking tips hip hop songs addon live.

3 Ableton Live Tricks for Punchy Snares

In this video, one of Pyramind’s Ableton instructors, Will Marshall gives you three snare drum processing tricks to make them punch and stand out when mixing in ableton live. Throughout this tip, he makes sure to bypass his processing so that you can hear exactly how he changes the sound with each technique. These concepts can be applied to any DAW.

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