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4 Essential FM Synthesis Tutorials for All Levels - Pyramind

FM Synthesis Tutorial Roundup

FM synthesis can be an intimidating type of synthesis–even for experienced sound designers. We’ve rounded up some of our best FM synthesis tutorials for those of you looking for techniques and suggestions as you tackle shaping your sounds with frequency modulation. 

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Utilizing serum as a versatile sampler in music production, offering users a free and accessible online music production program for their mixing and mastering needs.

Using Serum as a Sampler | Chris Gear

Pyramind sound design instructor Chris gear is back with another Serum tutorial. In this video, he goes over the different ways you can use Serum as a sampler. First, he uses Serum’s built-in noise oscillator. Next, he goes over importing longer formed audio, and explains Serum’s audio import options to help you decide what would be best for your workflow.

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Sound design - exploring the power of combo filters in a music production program.

What’s The Deal With Comb Filters? | Jor van der Poel

Pyramind mentor Jor van der Poel answers the common question: What is a comb filter, anyway? He explains that comb filters are actually not filters at all, but delays. The feedback from the short delay creates a tone in a sound that might not have a recognizable tone. He starts the tutorial applying short delay to a kick drum to show us how this works. This is a must-watch for those of you looking for creative ways to use comb filters.

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