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Explore how Radiohead's groundbreaking music production utilizes innovative techniques in mixing and mastering.

How Radiohead Works | Paranoid Android

Pyramind instructor Ryan Rey deconstructs Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” from their seminal 1996 album OK Computer. This analysis will help you get a sense for how Radiohead works as a whole because they employ these techniques throughout their music. 

These techniques include:

• Pedal points
• Changing meters and Odd meters
• Modes and mode mixture
• Cadences
• Planing or parallel harmony
• Chromaticism 

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Ryan Rey, a music producer and expert in music theory, uses polyrhythms to create unique and captivating sounds. With his extensive knowledge of mixing and mastering techniques, he masters the art

Music Theory | Polyrhythm

Pyramind instructor Ryan Rey goes over the concept of polyrhythm, and how it is used in popular music. He uses examples by Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld, and Kehlani.

A polyrhythm happens when there are two or more rhythms playing simultaneously. Ryan provides musical notation for each of his examples. This tutorial is a must watch for music theory enthusiasts, as well as producers looking to utilize polyrhythm in their own music.

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Introducing new features in Logic 103, a comprehensive music producer program designed by Ryan Rey.

New Features | Logic 10.3

Pyramind instructor Ryan Rey goes over his favorite new features in the Logic 10.3 update. He touches on everything from basic display changes, to workflow changes like track alternatives and selection-based processing.

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