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Developing Your Fan Base | Producing Out Loud Ep. 19 ft. Aaron Bethune

Welcome to Producing Out Loud, our series where we discuss a wide range of topics related to music production, business, and technology. In this episode, Pyramind’s Greg Gordon and Jeff Straw sit down with Aaron Bethune, author of Musicpreneur: The Creative Approach to Making Money in Music. They discuss ways to network, strategize, and nurture your fan base.

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YouTube Live: How to Start Your Music Career with Steffen Franz and Jeff Straw

Pyramind music business instructors Jeff Straw and Steffen Franz are here on YouTube Live to answer all your questions around the music industry and how to get your music career started.

About Steffen:

Steffen has been in the music business for almost 30 years and brings his many years of experience to his current positions.

One-on-one online sessions specializing in:

– Music Business
– Digital Music Distribution
– Physical Music

About Jeff:

A lifelong musician and DJ, Jeff has had a wide array of music business and licensing roles throughout his career.

One-on-one online sessions specializing in:

– Music Business
– Music Licensing
– Artist Branding
– Social Media & Marketing
– Music Publishing
– DJing Fundamentals

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The State of the Music Industry | Steffen Franz

Pyramind music business instructor Steffen Franz talks about the current state of the music industry. With less barriers of entry than ever before, this is a great time to pursue a career in music. Steffen talks about the importance of creating content, building fans, and engaging with your audience.

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