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Game audio soundtrack breakdown of Final Fantasy VII, produced by a music producer and utilizing music production techniques.

Game Audio | Composing For Games | Final Fantasy VII | Orchestration Breakdown

In this two-part song analysis, Pyramind senior audio producer Brennan Anderson digs into “Opening: Bombing Mission” by Nobuo Uematsu in Final Fantasy VII. He talks about the techniques Nobuo uses to make the piece flow well with the game, as well as how it fits in with the rest of the music in the game.

This is a must-watch for game music enthusiasts, especially fans of Final Fantasy VII.

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A music producer holding a game controller during a beatmaking session, featuring the words "game audio roundup".

Game Audio Roundup | GDC Week

It’s GDC week here in San Francisco, so we thought we’d round up some of our best Game Audio videos for those of you who are curious about designing or programming sounds for games. 

Every year, the Game Developers Conference is held a mere block away from our training facilities, making it easy for students to attend. The event includes several award shows, game-related tutorials and lectures, as well as a huge Expo floor showcasing gaming technology.

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Sound design is the future of VR storytelling, incorporating cutting-edge techniques and immersive audio experiences. With the use of advanced tools and software, including music production programs and beatmaking software, sound designers can create

VR Sound Design Meetup | Full Video Recap

VR Headsets do a pretty good job of tricking our eyes, but they mostly ignore our ears. We’ve partnered with FIMVR, a leading Virtual Reality meetup group here in SF, to workshop how to tell incredible stories and create immersive visuals through sound.

Watch the full video recap of the panel featuring David Grunzweig from Dysonics, Kevin Bolen from Skywalker Sound, Sharosh Khuwaja from SubPac, and Brennan Anderson from Pyramind.

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Anki Overdrive Interactive Audio for games

Anki is a robotics and AI company best known for developing the Anki OVERDRIVE, a customizeable racetrack with app-controlled robotic supercars. In this three-part video series, Audio Director Brian Min and Audio Coordinator Ashley Coull discuss the influence audio has on their products, how hardware guides their development cycle, and what audio can do for robotics.

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A man in a blue shirt with the words game audio 1 sound implementation fmo & whirl is a music producer.

Game Audio | Sound Implementation | FMOD & Wwise

Eric Kuehnl teaches the game audio classes here at our ground campus. He is certified in FMOD studio and is also a certified Wwise trainer. In these two videos, Eric demonstrates creating events in both FMOD and Wwise, and implements them in Unreal Engine 4.

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The Halo III is a cutting-edge music production program designed for music producers to perfect their mixing and mastering skills.

Elite Session: Game Audio | Video Recap

Game Audio professionals Steve Horowitz and Scott Looney chart a path thru the evolving playing field of sound for games. The session is comprised of a 2 hour presentation and a 45 minute panel discussion highlighting both the business and technical challenges in the new game audio marketplace.

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