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Alberton live sound design course 808.

Sound Design Crash Course | 808 Kicks | Ableton Live

In this multi-part sound design crash course, Pyramind instructor Will Clark goes over making 808 kick drums in Ableton Live. He uses Ableton’s Operator device and crafts a kick drum using additive synthesis. After covering various ways you can shape your 808s, Will finishes off the course by demonstrating how to make a 128 rack of kick drums. 

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A music producer sitting in front of a computer with the words albert live live arranging apc40 k.

Live Arranging in Ableton | APC40 MKII

In this Ableton tutorial, Pyramind instructor Liam Shy shows us a live song arranging technique utilizing his APC40 MKII, as well as nativeKONTROL’s ClyphX MIDI script. ClyphX makes it possible to use macros on one track to control multiple macros on other tracks. This is especially useful for overcoming physical limitations during live performances.

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Resampling hands on sound design in Ableton Live for beatmaking and music production.

Resampling | Hands-On Sound Design | Ableton Live

In this tutorial, Pyramind sound designer Brandon Roos walks us through one of his go-to sound design workflow techniques in Ableton Live. He shows us how to make resampling more fun by mapping parameters to a MIDI controller and modulating the parameters live – in sync with the beat of your song.

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This tutorial covers basic programming for game audio in Unity using C and C++.

Game Audio | Basic Programming – Part 1 | Unity & C♯

In this first part of our multi part series to basic programming for audio, we are diving into simply playing a sound in the game. There are a lot of terms and ideas thrown out that aren’t explained fully in the video, so below is a simple guide to these terms. There is a lot to unpack here, so be sure to stop the video and read about each one, as they are all extremely important to know if you are going to be doing even basic programming. Programming is somewhat like a puzzle; it’s hard to see how all the pieces fit together at first, but once you do start putting the right pieces in place you start to see a clearer picture.

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