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Max is a music producer whose journey from being a student to achieving remarkable success can be described as nothing short of savage. With a keen interest in music and the determination to learn, Max enrolled in a

How Do You Become a Producer – Max Savage, Music Producer, Videographer, & Graduate

Max Savage is a Pyramind graduate who went on to start a successful audio and video production company called Noisy Savage. Today, he’s not only managing a full load of client work, but also working as a producer for multiple Bay Area bands, continuing to collaborate with his former classmates, and carving time out of his busy schedule to pursue passion projects.

He’s certainly found success in this industry since finishing his run at Pyramind’s ground campus. In this story, we ask him about his recent projects, how he’s managed to secure work as a freelancer, his foray into video, techniques for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and more.

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