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10 Tips for DJs & Instrumentalists

Pyramind’s Director of Marketing Jeff Straw (aka DJ F) gives us 10 tips for DJing with an instrumentalist (or vice versa). He performs a groovy organic house / broken beat set utilizing both his tenor saxophone, as well as CDJs controlling Serato – before digging into some helpful rules he’s learned throughout his musical career.

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Choosing CDJs or Ableton | Pros and Cons

In this tip, Pyramind instructor Will Marshall goes over his views on the advantages and disadvantages of DJing with Ableton verses CDJs. Will has performed using both, so he is able to speak to how he uses them for different types of performances. This is a must watch for up and coming producers who are getting ready to start performing live.

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DJ Tutorial | Slip Mode | CDJs & Rekordbox

In this tutorial, Pyramind instructor Shawn Mercado (aka M3RC) goes over triggering hot cues in Slip Mode. Slip Mode is a feature that allows you scratch, loop, or trigger cues during playback while preserving the original playback of the track. This way, once you’re done triggering your cue etc., the track will continue to play as if you hadn’t manipulated it at all.

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