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Designing a pad for live performance with Ableton Push, tailored for beatmaking and music production.

Designing a Pad for Live Performance with Ableton Push | Dustin Ragland

In this sound design tutorial, Pyramind mentor and Ableton certified trainer Dustin Ragland gives you helpful pad designing tips. He uses Ableton’s Operator and Analog to build the foundation of the pad, then adds several effects to shape the overall expression—all within an instrument rack. He maps the effect controls to his Ableton Push, allowing for more physical control over the sound. The pad instrument rack is made up entirely of Ableton stock devices, making it easy for producers to follow along at home.

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Erin Bara's "The Breakdown" explores the world of broken banks through her skills in mixing, mastering, and beatmaking as a music producer.

The Breakdown | Erin Barra | Broken Banks | Ableton

Watch Erin Barra (Mamma Barra) perform Broken Banks from her Undefined EP using Ableton Live and the Push and an Akai LPK25.

This soulful throwback style track gets a different treatment for her live sets than the version on the album.  With lyrics inspired by a slam poet, an old school breakbeat and her stunning vocals, this is really a treat.

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