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For over 20 years now Pyramind has specialized in offering the highest quality studio services and education in music production and live performance.

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A look back on some of the exciting moments!

Two men using a music producer program at a table in front of a pyramid sound logo.

Matt Donner & Greg Gordon
Co-Founders of Pyramind Institute

Pyramind STudios Awards

2011-2017: Pyramind wins multiple G.A.N.G. awards including two for Microsoft Studios’ Kinect Disneyland Adventures.

2017 : Pyramind is named to the Inner City 100 list (ICIC) of the country’s fastest growing small businesses.

Two men passionately engaged in beatmaking at a recording studio, while expertly handling a mixing board for optimal mixing and mastering.

Greg Gordon mixing with Rob Garza (Thievery Corporation)
 “Re Mana” Garza Solo Project 

A group of people posing with guitars in a recording studio, engaging in beatmaking and using music producer program.
Sunset Overdrive Soundtrack production: In the studio with Meat Market with Steve Heithecker & Greg Gordon
In a recording studio, a group of people collaborate using a music production program.
Sound stage at Skywalker Sound recording the score for Halo Combat Evolved, Anniversary.
Pyramind Team Recording on the soundstage at Skywalker Sound
The team recording the orchestra at Skywalker Sound
Pictured L-R: First Row…..Lenny Moore, Jan Flute, Wataru Hokoyama, Leslie Ann Jones, Paul Lipson, Greg Gordon, Brian Tryfon, Tom Salta Second Row…. Michael Roache, Dann Thompson, Andre Zveers
Four people posing for a picture in front of a green sign emphasizing the joy of music production.
First US Ableton Trainer Certification Pictured Above Laura Escude, Timo Preece, Greg Gordon & Ulrich Fisher
Big brands trust our music production online free training program.
2009: Pyramind hosts the first ever US Ableton Trainer Certification.
A group of people posing in a music production program studio.
Sunset Overdrive Soundtrack production: Greg in Nashville at “Welcome to 1979” Studios recording Cheap Time 
2008 – 2017: Greg and Matt pioneer the rapid growth of Pyramind as a school in tandem with a real working studio facility.
Pyramid Studios in San Francisco offers top-notch music production services. Our team of dedicated professionals excels in beatmaking and is well-versed in the art of music production. Experience our expertise firsthand by
Mix Magazine Article by senior editor Tom Kenny, 2009
A certificate that says established music producer of the year.
2007: Greg is awarded the prestigious “entrepreneur of the year” award by The Renaissance Center For Entrepreneurship.
With the expansion brought more hires including Paul Lipson, then president of The Game Audio Network Guild, who helps develop and grow Pyramind Studios game audio production work.
A music production program located in a building with a sign that says pyramidd.
832 Folsom Street SF, Sidewalk Display

2007: Pyramind expands again by acquiring a second facility, previously home to Universal Music’s Northern California distribution headquarters. 
A music producer playing an electronic keyboard in a recording studio.
David Earl (AKA sflogicninja), Producing in the Loft Studio at 880 Folsom St.
music & audio production school
2003: Pyramind outgrows its original space of operations and begins renovations at 880 Folsom St. Pyramind begins training in Logic Audio, well in advance of the purchase of the software company by Apple, and well before any formal Logic Certification program.
A group of people sitting at desks in a music production studio, utilizing a music production program.
2001: Pyramind becomes one of Digidesign’s (now Avid) first official training centers as a sponsored school, well ahead of the rest of the world. Its first instructors are hired; Steve Heithecker and David Earl (AKA sflogicninja). 
A group of people sitting in front of a computer screen working on music production online, utilizing a music production program for mixing and mastering.

2000 – Pyramind becomes a registered non-degree granting institution with the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education under the DBA: Institute For Advanced Digital Audio Training.

A man passionately immerses himself in beatmaking, music production online free, and mixing mastering while sitting at a desk in a professional recording studio.

1999: Greg meets Matt Donner, a New York City based engineer, producer, and acclaimed digital audio specialist. Matt first comes on board to engineer for Pyramind’s commercial studio clients, then becomes an instructor and co-architect of Pyramind’s training programs.

The cover of Vox's album Luminania reflects their expertise as a music producer in the realm of beatmaking.

1996: Pyramind’s operations expand to address the needs of San Francisco’s rapidly growing dot com and multimedia industries. This leads to rapid growth in commercial post production and interactive audio development. 

A beatmaking studio with a lot of music production equipment.

1997 – 2000: Greg develops and teaches the digital audio curriculum at SF State University’s multimedia studies program. Pyramind becomes an SF State University studio training partner.

The native groove machine, a music producer program, takes beatmaking to the next level. Perfect for professional music producers, this innovative software is designed to enhance your creative process and help you produce

1995: Native, DJ collective with Bill Thompson (bTru), Tony Fader, Chris Campbell, Greg Gordon (G2), and Mark Paley signed to Vox Lumania/Priority Records

A picture of a man playing guitar, demonstrating his musical talent and expertise.

Cover of Blues For The Rainforest Album and Photo of Jerry Garcia, Greg Gordon & Merl
Saunders in the control room of Merl’s Studio.

A music producer's recording studio equipped with a keyboard and a monitor, perfect for beatmaking, mixing, and mastering.

San Francisco’s first fully integrated digital
audio and MIDI production facility, Pyramind Sound, is founded in
1992 by Gregory J. Gordon


This course is designed for complete beginners all the way to intermediate users of the software.

In addition to gaining familiarity with Live’s primary applications, the in depth lessons are arranged to emphasize the adoption of a solid workflow that includes Max for Live integration.

During this three month program we focus on the details of all the devices contained within Ableton Live Suite. Students receive comprehensive training on Live’s various modes, components, parameters, and capabilities, as well as how it is used in conjunction with the Push 2, and other professional audio applications and third party tools.

Pyramind’s twelve week Ableton Live Program provides the necessary training for students with little to no experience in computer-based audio production and recording to enter our advanced music production focused courses well prepared.

The Pyramind Music Theory course combines both a theoretical and practical introduction to the theory and application of music. Infused with both piano skills and ear training, this fundamental class sets the foundation for understanding all music and is a must for any serious producer. We start from the absolute beginning and provide a ground-up introduction to Piano and Keyboard performance and music theory. The keyboard has become the Swiss army knife of instruments in the digital audio workstation and soft-synth heavy production landscape. Facility on the instrument will dramatically improve the speed at which you can produce and arrange music of all genres.
The Sound Engineering program offered at Pyramind allows students to explore the concept of what sound really is, both scientifically and musically. Students study the psycho acoustics of live sound: from moving waves to electrons and then to bits and bytes. Audio engineering is dissected as both an art and a science: in depth and hands on analysis of signal flow from the live room and into the studio, microphone selection to placement and technique, headphone cue mixing, analog to digital conversion, compression, gating and recording live instruments are all part of these classes. The recordings created throughout are used to hone your post-production techniques in preparation for final mix and mastering. You tighten and clean up the recordings with editing, tuning and processing using the latest tools and plug-ins.
User, Operator, Post and Expert Avid Pro Tools Certification training.
Pyramind’s six month Pro Tools program is one of the most comprehensive options in the world. Students learn the ins and outs of this industry standard digital audio workstation software and can earn as many as four vital AVID manufacture certifications that greatly enhance employment opportunities in the industry. The Pro Tools Program introduces fundamental DAW concepts and principles, covering everything an individual needs to know to complete an advanced Pro Tools project, from initial setup to final mix-down. You will build sessions that include multi-track recordings of live audio, MIDI sequences with virtual instruments and lock to picture. Hands-on exercises and projects introduce essential techniques for creating sessions, recording and importing audio and MIDI, editing dialog and sound effects, speed navigating sessions, arranging media on tracks, using plug ins and outboard gear, and mixing techniques to finalize and then master your production.
The Pyramind DJ/Performance course begins with the fundamentals of DJ’ing including: beat matching, EQ’ing, gain matching, track selection, harmonic mixing, effects, set prep, and more.   You get hands on learning throughout the class in our brand new, custom-built DJ/Performance lab, made up of six individual training stations using Pioneer DJMS3 mixers and XDJ700 Pioneer Pro CDJ’s. The performance stage is designed to look and feel like you’re in a nightclub environment and is outfitted with the X1 DJM-900NXS2 mixer and as many as four X2 CDJ 2000NXS2’s. The lab is outfitted with multiple video cameras, including overhead the performance stage to record your performance and for in-class viewing on the 64-inch LCD video display monitor. All the cameras are routed to a video switcher, optimized for live streaming, recording, and in-class viewing. The custom-designed LED light wall installation is controlled by Resolume Arena software. This uses beat synchronization with the CDJ’s for stunning visuals to accompany both your in-class and live streaming performance.
This class follows Apple’s certified training course for Logic X Pro: an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system. Students are introduced to all of the primary windows and features in Logic, to the point where they can confidently manage and complete a song using Logic, from inspiration, to creation, to mixing and mastering, to a finished product. This class also covers higher-end functions relating to composition, sound design, and post-production. All of the built-in synthesizers are explained and explored, cross-referencing the synthesis training happening in the sound design classes.
There are as many ways to produce music as there are people doing it, but some methods yield consistently better results than others. This class will show you best practices in music production and will involve lots of in-class, hands-on activity. We’ll be integrating the concepts learned in the other classes into a cohesive workflow. Students build ideas from day one towards completed compositions in the style of their choosing. Throughout, students learn advanced Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) concepts and techniques. This course builds off of the lessons learned in our other DAW courses. Students learn various workflows, remixing techniques, and advanced concepts to take their music to the next level.
The new era of sound design is here and more accessible than ever. Synthesizers have changed the face of modern music and the quality of our films’ and games’ dramatically.  This course is designed to deliver a comprehensive understanding of sound design using Native Instruments Products, Serum, Ableton Live Suite tools and Logic Pro X tools. Concepts are reinforced through in-class lab work, homework assignments and the final project in which students create a sample pack of patches from every instrument covered in class.
Pyramind’s comprehensive Music Business program begins by providing a broad look at the ever-changing music business landscape. This class explores the differences between the Major and Independent Label, digital distribution, copyright law, creating a publishing company, the use of social media to grow your fan base, grassroots marketing, physical manufacturing and distribution, planning for a release, nontraditional retail, and creating multiple revenue streams from your music. This six month course is designed to help focus career objectives and to make the most out of the intense learning and growing experience that is Pyramind. This business class lays the ground-work necessary to generate the confidence and build the resources needed post graduation to launch your career as a recording artist or producer or to find work doing what you love.
The Film Audio Program at Pyramind offers a comprehensive journey into the world of crafting and sculpting sonic landscapes for visual linear media. This course provides the core skills and workflows involved in creating and implementing sound for linear media and serves to prepare you for the Avid Certified Operator: Pro Tools HD | Post certification exam. Class time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time for experimentation with sample material. Students create entirely original sound design for film shorts. Emphasis is placed on understanding Film Audio Workflow including: Foley, Sound Design, Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR), spotting to picture, and the creation of Dialog, Music and Effects stems (DM&E) for final mix to picture in Dolby Digital surround formats.
The Game Audio Program at Pyramind offers an intensive journey into the world of crafting and sculpting adaptive scores and sound design for interactive media.  This course provides students with exposure to the core skills and workflows involved in creating and implementing game audio. Class time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time for experimentation with sample material and Game Audio implementation. The class goes deep into common techniques for assessing, acquiring, recording, editing, mastering and implementing interactive audio. Pyramind is the only school on the west coast that is Wwise certified. Training in Wwise and FMOD means students receive hands-on training with this leading Middleware tools of the trade. Middleware tools like these provide a deep understanding of interactive audio creation and the implementation process. Students compose music, create sound design and record dialog for the purpose of implementation into a game environment.
The Live Performance course focuses on harnessing the power of Ableton Live to create sophisticated DJ sets and Live Performances.   Whether you want to create all of your sounds and sequencing live, perform backing tracks with a band, create a live show for a touring act,  or DJ with the most power and flexibility possible this course is the answer for you. Students will work with various types of MIDI controllers, including the APC 40 and Ableton Push 2, and develop skills and strategies culminating in a live performance set.
The mixing and mastering processes are an essential part of the production process.  Student projects and sample mixes are dissected in a workshop setting to determine what works and what doesn’t using a set of specified objective criteria. This class synthesizes ALL of the subjects learned to date – from music theory to songwriting, production tools and engineering concepts – as students actualize what a piece of music actually goes through to be finished. Students learn how to utilize fundamental mixing concepts as well as advanced creative techniques to bring their music to life and prepare their tracks for release.
Our full-time students benefit from having a place every week to present and talk through their projects, ideas, and get their questions answered by a professional musician/instructor. This class is designed to ensure that no student is left behind and serves to cement the concepts and techniques from each of their classes. Being able to recount the lessons learned is a vital part of the growing process and Pyramind has dedicated time each week to providing students the platform to do so with Technical Training.


What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
The relationships I gained through this school were incredible and vita. I got my internship opportunity with DoubleFine through Pyramind and was mentored by the award-winning Game Audio Director, Emily Ridgway. I also got to work beside one of the best sound designers, Brian Min, all under the roof of video game icon, Tim Schafer.. Now I’m the Audio Director!

Camden Stoddard

  • Audio Director at Doublefine Studios
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
The relationships I gained through this school were incredible and vita. I got my internship opportunity with DoubleFine through Pyramind and was mentored by the award-winning Game Audio Director, Emily Ridgway. I also got to work beside one of the best sound designers, Brian Min, all under the roof of video game icon, Tim Schafer.. Now I’m the Audio Director!

Brennan Anderson

  • Senior Sound Designer Riot Games
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
I came to Pyramind because I’ve been a musician my whole life and I was always very intrigued by interactive music for games and I wanted to learn from the very best so I came here.

Joshua Gouzy

  • Audio Designer
  • Turn 10 Studios a Microsoft AAA Developer
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
Pyramind provided me a supportive environment to learn and participate with others that share my interest in game audio. Their excellent instructors helped inspire and focus my passion. Their frequent events related to music and games helped me to learn from and network with many important people in the game audio community.

Shawn Minoux

  • Principal Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertaiment
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
I didn’t know how to play any instruments and I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to be. I wanted to be an artist but I was open to do it for film, for games etc. Pyramind helped me try myself in everything and the camaraderie with the students and the teachers made for a really positive experience.

Sol Rising

  • Over 612k monthly listeners on the Spotify streams
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
We were a few months into our program and that gave us a lot of time to sit in the studio and experiment, creating a project together, and trying to make something we could market and make successful.


  • Artist/Producer Anjunadeep
  • Pyramind Alumni


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