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Introducing Splice Sounds, a music production program that revolutionizes beatmaking, mixing, and mastering.

Splice Sounds In Depth Video Series | Samples, Loops, Hits | Matt Donner

 Introducing Splice Sounds

Our friends at Splice have launched a new subscription platform for samples and loops called Splice Sounds. This revolutionary platform allows you to pick and choose individual samples to download from their catalog, provides powerful search and filtering tools and the ability to create custom packs of your favorite sounds from any device! 

We’ve seen the subscription model for music, movies and books yet this is a first for the music production market. We were so excited about the platform that Pyramind founder Matt Donner has created a series of walkthrough videos that not only showcase their new platform, but give you the Pyramind take on how best to use samples and loops in your own productions.

Subscriptions start at just $7.99 / month. However we’d like to offer you a special discount so you can try the service out for yourself. Just enter PYRAMIND30 for 30% off your first 3 months on the service.

Part I

  • Intro – Explaining Splice Sounds

    • Online collection of audio files (one shots, loops etc.) that are organized into categories.

  • Step 1 – What do you want to do?

  • Step 2 – How do I search for what I want?

  • Step 3 – Could be realizing you don’t know what you want

  • Step 4 – Getting those sounds off of “sounds” into your computer

  • Step 5 – Getting them into your DAW of choice

Part II

  • Navigating on the homepage

  • Drums

  • Creating custom packs of sounds you dig

  • Category sizes and using sub categories (genres and subgenres)

Part III

  • Drum Programming

    • Choosing a category and tempo range to narrow your results

Criteria when choosing loops to work with (maintaining your identity while keeping genre recognizable)

Part IV

  • Comparing loops

  • Mixing and matching different (but similar) loops to be more unique with your usage

  • Narrowing your search with tags

  • Choosing a one shot

Part V

  • Downloading the sounds you have selected

  • Using the app

  • Auditioning sounds in the app

  • Navigating to your sounds in finder

  • File management / hierarchy – the importance of liking sounds and organizing them into custom packs

Part VI

  • Bringing your sounds into Ableton

  • Loading one shots into Drum Rack

  • Creating a unique loop by layering similar loops

  • Mixing one shots with loops

  • Customizing your loops/sounds by processing them with audio effects

  • Overview of Splice Sounds


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