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Part 1: Step by Step Wavetable Synthesis in Serum

In this tip, Sound Designer and Pyramind Instructor Taylor Elsasser (aka ARKN) works with the amazing new tool SERUM by XFER RECORDS to show how you can leverage vocal sounds to create synth patches by creating your own wavetables in SERUM. In this case, Taylor uses his own voice as the source and ends up creating Transformer-esque Autobot spin sound effects. Pretty crazy, right? You’ve got to hear it to believe it. 

Part 2: Using Longer Source Samples

For the second half of this tutorial Taylor gets things going with a pig squeal sample. By dropping the whole piggy sample into Serum and using the Spectral Morph feature and quickly turns it into a “Giant Pig Robot Monster.” (Taylor’s words, not ours!). Following that he runs you through how to use something as simple as the sine wave generator as a foundation in SERUM and adding noise and harmonics to the signal, then morphing the wavetables. To quote ARKN here – “Pretty much making wavetable synthesis unlimited.”  Well said Taylor, well said.  Have some fun experimenting with these concepts in your studio.

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