Sound design and beatmaking in Alchemy, a music production program.

Sound Design in Alchemy with Jor van der Poel

Check back here for more Alchemy tutorials from Pyramind mentor Jor van der Poel!

FM Synthesis in Alchemy

Learn about the various ways you can use FM synthesis in Alchemy.

Advanced Modulation in Alchemy

Jor goes over note property modulators and how to use them.

Mod Maps in Alchemy

Get an in-depth look at the mod map feature in Alchemy.

Sound Design in Alchemy

Learn how far you can take a sample using Alchemy in Logic Pro X. With the power of Alchemy, Jor is able to transform a sitar gesture sample into a harmonically rich, ethereal arpeggiated synth lead. 

Combining Additive and FM Synthesis

Learn how to combine additive synthesis and FM synthesis within Alchemy.

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