Sound design custom delay chains for music production program Ableton Live.

Sound Design | Custom Delay Chains | Ableton Live

Back with another sound design tutorial, Pyramind instructor Will Marshall shows us how to create custom delay chains in Ableton Live.

Some delay plugins include built-in effects, such as Ableton’s Filter Delay. While these can be useful, creating your own custom delay chain allows you to choose which specific effects you want to use, and how you want them to evolve over time.

Will uses Ableton’s Simple Delay audio effect on Send A and keeps the feedback amount at zero. By sending Send A to itself, he enables the audio to loop through the entire effect chain he creates. With this setup, you are now free to experiment and add your favorite effects to the delay chain.

Last but not least, Will demonstrates how to MIDI map certain parameter controls to your MIDI controller. This gives you even more control over your effects within the chain, allowing you to create more unique delays.


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